Success Story: Patrick McCann

The professions of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) are often underappreciated and underestimated. About a year ago, I had a stroke leaving me unable to walk or use my right side. My balance and coordination was terrible. The damage to my brain left me confused and anxious.

I started going to Foltsbrook outpatient therapy three days a week and was astonished to learn how much knowledge, education, and compassion were necessary to work as a physical or occupational therapist. Many years of schooling are required. All therapists at Foltsbrook have college degrees, some with PhDs. Who knew? Their understanding of the workings of the human body and brain is amazing and inspiring, but the therapist never brag or show off. They figure out what you need and address it with a professionalism I didn’t expect. Who knew what eccentric control of the muscle is, or genu recurvatum? I’ve never heard that one! The knowledge they exhibit is not only impressive but creates great confidence in their abilities.

At Foltsbrook, the compassionate care is genuine. When they say, “How are you today?” they really want to know. It’s a very positive and friendly atmosphere. Never once did I feel any impatience or frustration from the PTs or OTs during treatments. Even when their methods seemed tedious to me, their patience and enthusiasm for patient progress were evident with everyone they worked with.

There is some misconception about occupational therapy (OT), the joke being, “I thought you were going to find me a job.” I’d rename it cognitive therapy, as OT played a crucial role in reconnecting my damaged brain with my muscles and limbs.

I have made great progress and could never have done it without the wonderful caring people at Foltsbrook.

God bless them,

Patrick McCann