Success Story: Bruce Nadeau

Bruce came to us with little emotion, not sure of his future. However, with the love and support of his family, he was determined to get better. When asked what his greatest strength is now after working in the program, Bruce, with a smile, stated, “Being admitted from the hospital, in a wheelchair, and working with the therapy team to gain back my endurance to be able to ambulate with a walker, and now, walking out of this facility on my own…Independently! This, in itself, is the greatest feeling!”

Bruce states that the physical therapy group that worked with him daily was the key to his success in gaining back his independence. Is it scary to go from using a wheelchair to ambulating on your own? Bruce says of course it is, because you lose your confidence and must rely on others to assist you in reconnecting with the emotions and reality of walking again.

The supportive staff on the unit, coupled with the cleanliness of his room and the flexibility to have meals wherever he pleased, created an atmosphere that felt like a family to Bruce. His main goal was to reach a point where he could dance with his daughter at her wedding in September, and now it will happen! Bruce is looking forward to being back home with his wife and continuing their beautiful life together.

Bruce will continue with our outpatient therapy program to ensure his continued progress and health. Great job, Bruce! We will all miss you here, but we are so excited to see you walk out with your wife to your home today!