Meet Our Team

Ari Grinspan, CEO and Co-founder

Ari Grinspan, CEO, and co-founder of WeCare HCC, boasts nearly 20 years of LTC experience, playing an unparalleled role as the visionary, manager, and growth driver at the helm of our company. His focus on innovation and excellence leads WeCare towards our goal of exceptional long-term care and client-first service. Ari’s leadership is built on strong personal relationships with his team, maintaining close involvement with our staff to encourage their strengths and allow junior employees to fulfill their potential. With a B.A. in Business Management and Finance from CUNY Brooklyn, Ari brings a blend of experience and education to his role, having partnered with Gedaliah in 2017 to raise quality standards for care on a national level.

Gedaliah Wielgus, CFO & Co-Founder

Gedaliah Wielgus, CFO and co-founder of WeCare HCC, drives our robust fiscal health with a strategic, performance-based approach gleaned from a decade of experience. His fine-tuned approach to financial decision-making accounts for critical details in building profitable facility operations. Gedaliah’s hands-on experience, sharp business acumen, and effective leadership skills drive our success forward, maintaining a positive work culture and supporting employee development. With a B.S. in Accounting from Touro College (Cum Laude) and CPA accreditation in the State of New York, Gedaliah transitioned from public accounting to the role of controller at a major insurance brokerage company before partnering with Ari in 2017 to launch WeCare, solidifying his commitment to raising quality standards in the industry.