Success Story: Leo Potvin

Leo is ambulating with his walker up and down the hallways in anticipation of returning to his residence later today. I ask him, “Are you excited, or nervous?” 

He replies, “I am very excited today,” and goes on to share his experience here at Foltsbrook Center Rehab. Leo begins recounting his journey from the moment he arrived, recalling that his room was neat, clean, and comfy. “It remained that way with housekeeping staff the entire time.” Leo mentions with a laugh that even his bed at Foltsbrook was great, although he adds that none can quite compare to one’s own bed.

Altogether, Leo feels the staff for this rehab unit were exceptional. He mentioned three staff in particular who he felt went above and beyond due to his connection with them, yet emphasized that all staff were excellent. 

Leo underwent both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, where the staff explained his process and what he needed to be aware of for his return home. He speaks of how difficult it is to lose balance and not be aware of it sometimes until it is too late. “They explained and showed me about turning too fast, or getting up too fast, things I still must work on when I get home. My growth in the short time here has helped give me strength and endurance, and for this I am grateful.” He is awaiting his ride and caregiver to bring him home, and he feels blessed. We know we are blessed to have had him here, he is wished the very best!