Success Story: Thomas Mullie

As we sit today to reminisce and review the total facets of true rehab with Tom and his wife, we look back to the first day he was admitted into rehab here at Foltsbrook Center. He candidly expresses, “I really don’t recall much of anything back then.” 

Observing and conversing with Tom today, he not only looks so much stronger but also speaks in a way that would be unrecognizable from just a few months ago. He is alert, social, and can articulate the remarkable progress he has experienced from day one until today. He considers the experience to have been absolutely exceptional, from addressing his medical needs to undergoing therapy, all of which has led to a pending discharge date and a return home with his wife. He describes the excitement he felt being able to go out this past weekend for a simple car ride as something that cannot be fully understood by those who haven’t experienced a hospital stay. His hospitalization began with complications from diabetes, leading to the amputation of his right leg. While awaiting a prosthetic, his view of the outside world was limited to dialysis visits next door. Tom explains that one cannot fully comprehend the significance until participating in the rehab program and gaining the strength to recognize how far they have come.

Tom describes the therapy staff as “top-notch” and attributes a lot of his progress to the cohesive team. He highlights not only their collaborative teamwork but also their consistent communication between PT and OT. Despite facing challenges during periods of closure due to COVID precautions and having therapy on the unit, the therapists creatively adapted activities to be both challenging and fun. 

During their first days in the program, residents often receive several explanations and expectations for the program, making it a great deal to take in. Tom’s wife explains that Foltsbrook Center is the first facility they have encountered where a Concierge Service is present upon admission to review the entire routine and provide an overview of what to expect as a new admit. She begins to tear up recalling their initial uncertainty of not knowing what to expect and the warm welcome they received, including a review of Concierge services. The best part, according to Tom’s wife, was learning that Foltsbrook Center is a family setting and that their grandchildren are welcome to visit. This news was particularly heartwarming for them, especially since Tom had been unable to see his grandchild for months. They both smile as they are reminded of how wonderful that news was to them the first night here. 

Tom said that even in the midst of challenges, the entire staff was always pleasant and helpful. They never showed signs of exhaustion, and even staff from other units would pop by just to say hello and ask how they were doing. “Family-like” is the key term used to describe this environment, which is heard frequently in this rehab unit. 

While Tom is aware that there is more ahead to work on, he is especially happy knowing that his prosthetic will arrive at any time now, allowing him to begin the next process of his growth. He has lots of love and support to continue this growth. Tom will be attending our outpatient therapy program to help him advance with his total prosthetic and well-being for life. His wife and family will be right there to help support him in every way. In the spirit of paying it forward, Tom has offered his services to anyone in need, whether it’s in rehab, dialysis, or anything else he can assist with to help others get through the process a bit easier. He thanks everyone at Foltsbook Center, including his church and local community, for all the overwhelming help, love, and support! Best wishes to Tom for continued success on his journey!