Success Story: Barbara Henschke

What a beautiful place to do rehab! Barbara resides in Mohawk, in the second oldest historical house. She came to rehab after an unfortunate fall at home, seeking to get her strength and endurance back. Barbara has nothing but positive things to say about her short stay here. She enjoyed the other residents she met and had her meals with them daily. 

Barbara is an avid reader, and to come out and join others in activities was a big step for her. When asked how she enjoyed the meals with others, she explained that while not every meal pleased everyone, she appreciated the option to get an alternative if she desired it. According to her philosophy, “food is food,” and it serves to fuel the body.

Barbara said that besides helping her work to her highest potential in therapy, the therapy staff were extremely helpful and friendly. This helped her regain her confidence and restored the strength she needed to return home. She also said the other staff of the rehab unit were always helpful and kind. She never had issues with her laundry during her stay, and her room was always neat and clean. She appreciated the privacy provided by extended walls between rehab rooms, ensuring that residents are not directly facing their neighbors. 

Participating in various activities, Barbara tried groups like Bingo but found her preference in solo activities like reading on her Kindle. She opted to socialize during meals. She mentioned the excellent staff, giving special mention to Kay, Ann, and her nurses.  Barbara said, “I have been very fortunate to never need any meds or to see a doctor until my fall. Life has been good.” Barbara was a daily 6-mile walker in the past, and she attributes her good health to exercise and diet. She was pleased to work with our compassionate staff who understood her personal growth and gain.

Barbara looks forward to returning home and seeing her family and neighbors, and she would like to thank everyone here who made her stay exceptional. Great Job, Barbara! You will be missed by many of us here, but we have loved witnessing your rehab progress and are wishing you a nice return to your home.