Welcome to the WeCare Staff Ambassador Program (SAP), where the journey home begins with WeCare.

WeCare is proud to offer a program that creates opportunities for team bonding between senior leadership and all staff. These bonds will be stronger than in any other work you have been a part of. Over the first 12 weeks of your career with us, you will be able to visit with your staff ambassador committee, which is built by the facility’s senior leadership, who will stamp your ambassador passports weekly.

Upon completion of the 12-week staff ambassador program, you will be entitled to a .25 cent hourly raise, equal to $500 per annum (for a full-time worker). You can also expect refreshments at meetings, and maybe even some surprise swag once you reach certain benchmarks on your 12-week journey.

To be eligible, an employee must:

  • Be in good standing with the facility
  • Have no disciplinary action
  • Satisfactory time and attendance

We truly believe that the journey home begins with WeCare, and we are so excited that your journey brought you to us. We are confident that you will play a major role in our care-centered, connected culture. Remember, WeCare is better together.